How do I encourage my child to learn letters?!

Learning the alphabet is the basic building block, the cornerstone, and the first pillar of the child, which will prepare him later for the reading stage. Therefore, educators are keen to teach the letters in an easy and pleasant way for the child to encourage continuity, and based on the importance of teaching letters to […]

How can I love my son to read and strengthen him?!

How can I love my son to read and strengthen him?!Reading is a source of knowledge and the first basis on which a person relies in the formation of culture (information), his own thought and experiences, and it is important for parents to be keen on teaching their children the love of reading and instilling […]

Alphabet letters for kids

Children are distinguished by their ability to learn quickly, especially learning new languages, and learning letters and spelling them. To teach children is to combine education with play and fun, such as drawing, singing, coloring, and praising the child always, even if he makes a mistake, so that he can trust himself and not despair. […]

So that our children do not lose their language in the diaspora

The Arabic language is an authentic, beautiful and dignified language. I am honored that it is the language of the Noble Qur’an. It is incumbent upon us to learn it and teach it to our children. The language that the Qur’an has preserved through the ages, and has repeatedly proven its ability to keep pace […]