Learn the alphabets with movements

The child is attracted to the movements when learning the letters, as it is what gives the letters melody and ease of learning, from which he proceeds to reading. Learning the movements comes immediately after learning the letters, and then the letters are installed and the words are spelled for the child.
open letters
a th c h
d y y
WXYZ z P s
all of us

The teacher writes these letters to the children on the board with its movement (the fatha) and shows them the location of this movement and its name (the fatha), which is a small line above the letter and it is called a fatha because you open your mouth while reading the open letter.
After that, the teacher begins to read these open letters letter by letter and points to each letter with the stick. The children read them on their own, one by one, write them in their notebooks with the movements, and fill a page of them at home, then he tests them whether they have mastered the pronunciation and writing of them.
C L x W x c t c for

After the children have mastered the open letters, the teacher writes for them these examples, such as (the picture) on the board and shows them how to pronounce the letter alone as in the first box, then he combines another letter with it and pronounces the two letters together. And so on…
Open letter exercises:
1- Make up the following words:
Take – pull – gold – silence – wash – explain – print.
2- Connect a line between similar letters and words:
ssssssssssssssssssssss for
P P b y t r t x
may God bless you
So, may God bless you
K o s i o s i
to say
3- Cut the following words into letters:
took = took
zara = zara
drag = drag
Baraa = Bara’
The teacher follows the same method as above in the damma and kasra movements. In the broken letters, he comes up with examples that start with an open letter, then add to it a broken letter, then combine a third letter and so on….. Such as:
E: despair
B: yeb: wear
Note: a kasra is defined as a small line placed under a letter or so named because you break your mouth when you read the broken letter.
As for the joined letters, we will follow the same method as the previous one, except that the examples will be made up of the three movements towards: pushed, sustenance, struck, made, expelled, squeezed, brushes.
The teacher writes the alphabet for the children on the board with silence and teaches them to pronounce them letter by letter, then moves on to the gradual examples.
a: ya: to command
T: to follow
h: yah: carries
Exercise: Underline the words that are similar to the first word on the same line:
Example: to sow: to sow, sow, sow.
to spoil: to spoil, to spoil, to spoil.
tide letters
Alif – Z – F.
The teacher explains to the child that the open letter takes one movement without extending, but if it is followed by a mudd with a thousand, it takes two movements, such as the word (Qa’al).
And the same is true of the broken letter, if it is followed by an extension of Ya’a that takes two movements
1- The form of the following words: such as the word (it was said) and also the combined letter if it is followed by a md ya, it takes two movements like the word (say).
Extension letter exercises:
1- Create the following words:
proceed – continue – persevere – go – stay – flow.
2- Underline the word that contains the letter madd:
Nejaf, ask, return, draw, rise, command, win, walk.
How to teach the alphabet to children:
Tanween is a consonant noun that appends the end of the noun verbally and separates it from a line. If the tanween is two phrases, one of the two phrases is placed on the letter noun, and the second damma comes in its place n sani, so the origin of the alif noun is like this (a = on), then the letter is pronounced and so is the rest of the letters.
Examples of capital letters:
Book, house, king, class, far, wind.
Emphasized letters: Shadda means the repetition of the letter twice, the first time is a consonant and the second is voweled. As for writing, one letter is written and the stress is placed above the repeated letter instead of the second letter (B = bab) and the stress is written in the form of the head of the letter Sein like this (
Examples: cut, think, days, mighty.
Exercise: Form the following words with stress on the appropriate letter:
mocked – hunter – easy
In general: the establishment of a child is the most important thing that parents should pay attention to, and it is the matter that determines his fate in life, and this needs to be followed up by parents and school in the early stages of his life, and that the process of teaching the alphabet for children must be enjoyable until it is firmly established in their minds because it The basis of the Arabic language, so as we mentioned it was necessary to focus on it and we hope to achieve the greatest benefit.


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